Direct Mail Marketing Services

Direct Mail is a great marketing vehicle to keep your brand front and center by sending directly to the homes of new and potential customers. When your marketing message is delivered in the mail, your message makes an immediate impression and can be kept in the home for weeks.

Why Direct Mail

  • Ability to segment the market
  • Ability to A/B test messaging
  • Direct Response
  • Can track direct mail response with special offers, tracking numbers and more
  • Can integrate with other marketing efforts (ie web, social, email, TV, radio, etc)
  • Personalization

What We Offer

  • Mailing list generation
  • Design services
  • Mailing fulfillment
  • Consultation on campaign content and outreach

Direct Mail Tips

  • Keep copy simple easy to read
  • Offer a free gift to increase response
  • Use graphics and color to support the message and text
  • Give reasons to buy
  • Include a strong call-to-action
  • Keep the sales pitch positive and highlight the benefits
  • Make it easy to purchase: credit cards, terms, etc.
  • Offer a discount for a quick response
  • Create urgency
  • Include a toll-free number if available

Why Computer to Print

Our team of direct mail specialists have decades of experience in the effective design and deployment of direct mail campaigns. We work with clients to develop the strategy that best helps the accomplish their goals and maximize success – and all for a price far less than our competitors.

Get a free estimate on your next job

Get a free estimate on your next job